It has been a year since Brgy. Loyola Heights PTL opened its doors to around 200+ kids from the community. This has been their play area ever since. The other day, I heard numerous personal stories of families in relation to the Philippine Toy Library. I heard stories of kids pushing their Nanay to drop them off at the Toy Library. For some they made the ‘Toy Library play time’ as an incentive for better attendance and better school performance. We also heard of parents with special kids using the play space and kids interaction as a chance for their child to play. And a lot more. But the experience that really struck me most was when a kid approached me and said, “salamat po sa Toy Library. Ngayon nakakalaro na ako ng mga laruang nakikita ko lang sa Toy Kingdom” (Thank you for this Toy Library, now I am able to play with toys that he only sees at the Toy Kingdom) After a year of its opening, we needed to replenish those that have been totally worn out and replenish with a fresh batch.