The Philippine Toy Library (PTL) is calling for donations of old toys and children’s books to build a toy library for indigenous children in Culion, Palawan.

The power of social media is immense.  On a vacation abroad with the family, PTL President Edsel Ramirez, 38, was struck with the availability of parks and playgrounds for children in their communities.  Thus, he posted a status on his social media site asking for donations of old toys, children’s books, and materials for building the first Philippine Toy Library in Loyola Heights, Quezon City.

Now, the Tagbanua children want to play as well.  Culion is a 4th class municipality in the province of Palawan, consisting of Culion Island primarily and forty-one minor surrounding islands.  Once a leprosarium, the area is now a vibrant community eager to develop and progress.  PTL is partnering with the Jesuit Volunteers Philippines (JVP) and Cartwheel Foundation for the project.

“Every Filipino child, may he be a Tagalog, Cebuano or even a member of the indigenous tribe, have the right to play and have fun,” Program Associate Camille Tacastacas remarked.  “Creative imagination and scientific inventions start with the tinkering of the possible. Let us provide that to the Tagabanuan children as well.”

“We are excited to partner with JVP and Cartwheel Foundation for a PTL in Culion,” Ramirez shared.  “Whatever donations that we will be getting will be put in plastic bins and be brought to the different islets.”

“Cartwheel Foundation has an existing early childhood development program,” JVP Executive Director Martin Perfecto narrated.  “PTL Culion would certainly compliment the program for our children.”

PTL Culion is currently calling for donations of toys (unit blocks, plastic animals and people, building toys, stuffed toys), learning materials (storybooks, puzzles, musical instruments, counting toys, scientific toys) and other manipulatives.  Clear out closets and start helping in the development of indigenous children.  Drop off points are in Quezon City, Baguio, Bacolod, Zamboanga and in the JVP Headquarters.

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Philippine Toy Library

With just a social media status, a national advocacy was born.  PTL is a group of volunteer-friends who came together and took on the challenge of providing the experience of play to our Filipino children, especially who live in cramped and congested areas.  PTL transforms idle spaces in baranggays/schools/parishes into fun and educational playrooms to keep off kids from the streets.  Currently, PTL has three sites and more are being organized to bring joy to the next generation of Filipinos.



Jesuit Volunteers Philippines

JVP is one of the country’s longest-running local volunteer programs, recruiting, training, and sending highly-skilled college graduates and young professionals to work in under-resourced areas all over the country. This year, they have two volunteers assigned to Cartwheel Foundation working for the education of the Tagbanua in Culion.



Cartwheel Foundation

Cartwheel seeks to give indigenous youth and communities the chance to enjoy their right to quality and culturally relevant education.