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Whenever Shay, 5 years old, picks up a toy from the shelves, also chosen by another classmate, she immediately lets go and have her classmate get it instead. Finally, Shay took the gardening play set from the toy shelf. After 7-10 minutes, she was carefully returning the pieces of the play set, concluding her short moment of being a gardener. When asked why she will return the play set right away, Shay answered, “Ibabalik ko na po. Baka po kasi masira ko pa po e. May gagamit pa pong iba” (I will return this. This might get broken. There will be others who will play with this.). While listening to Snow White’s story, Shay spotted two of her classmates fighting over a toy. She instantly said, “’Wag na kayo mag-agawan. Mag-share na lang kayo sa laruan” (Don’t fight. Share the toy with each other). On another instance, as her classmate stares at her while doing the hula-hoop, Shay gave her the hula-hoop telling her, “Sige. Kaya mo ‘yan!” (You can do it!).


Shay, 5 years old, with her chosen toys to play with

Shay’s overflowing generosity and humility was even confirmed when she was asked what her dream is: “Gusto ko pong tumulong” (I want to help). She was asked again the same question, giving her choices if she wanted to be a teacher, doctor or whatnot, and with conviction she answered, “Gusto ko lang po talagang tumulong sa mga nahihirapan” (I just want to help those in need).


PTL President, Mr. Edsel Ramirez, with Shay narrating the story of Job.

For Shay, and the other kids, the Toy Library is a venue where values are tested and practiced. Outside home, it is where pakikipagkapwa-tao is being realized. Sharing the toys and books during play is Shay’s means of being a sister to other kids. At such a young age, Shay shows us that the desire of being a man for others begins in the simplest way of caring and sharing what we have.

Philippine Toy Library

From a Facebook status, a national advocacy was born. The Philippine Toy Library (PTL) is made up of volunteer-friends who hope to provide the experience of play to our Filipino children, especially those who live in cramped and congested areas. Idle spaces in barangays, schools or parishes are turned into fun and educational PTL areas to keep kids off the streets. Currently, PTL has 39 sites and more are being put up, to bring joy to the next generation of Filipinos.

For more information, please visit the following:


For further inquiries, you could email us at

Drop off points are in:
• Quezon City: Kids Ahoy Center for Blended Learning; the PTL office and the Jesuit Volunteers Philippines office
• Alabang
• Pampanga (Orchid Bookstore branches)
• Baguio
• Bacolod
• Zamboanga City (ADZU, Tzu Chi Foundation and the YSP office)