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Monthly Archives: June 2014

For the past year, the Philippine Toy Library (PTL) has brought hope to Filipino children nationwide and even to the victims of tragedy-stricken communities.

The country experienced several calamities in 2013, strong storms in Luzon, a siege in Zamboanga, an earthquake in Cebu and Bohol, and then super-typhoon Yolanda that cost billions of pesos in economic damage.

In these trying times, Filipino children were the most affected by these calamities. Their lives and their families’ lives have been disrupted, and the objective for any relief and rehabilitation efforts is for them to go back to experience some normalcy.

PTL has joined in the efforts last year to bring back hope and joy to these Filipino children, who are at their young age, experienced tragedies.

PTL created the campaign, #ToysforZamboKids, for the children who were affected by the siege that lasted a few weeks. The toys that were collected were sent to the communities who are still trying to cope with the loss of lives and properties.

PTL also joined Tabang Visayas, a multi-stakeholder project that was set out to assist in the rehabilitation efforts in Eastern Visayas after typhoon Yolanda hit them. PTL set up toy centers in Pastrana Central Elementary School, Javier Central Elementary School and Dulag Central Elementary School, to name a few.

“Our Filipino children deserve the best assistance during these challenging times,” PTL President Edsel Ramirez said.

“We are here so that they can put a smile on their faces again, so they can hope again.”

From a simple social media status, PTL has become a national movement aimed to set up toy centers for children, who lack access to play. After two years, PTL has set up 70 sites – from islets in Culion, Palawan and Zamboanga to barangay centers in Taguig and Quezon City.

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